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We completed two major projects in South Korea in September, which we worked on from the beginning of the year.

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What kind of playground would it be if it lacked a proper slide? Stainless-steel slides have a long service life and are practically indestructible. We have been producing them since 2006. They are all certified by the world-renowned German TÜV, so you can place them in a public place without any worries. As standard, we produce them from steel 1.4301 or, if more appropriate, from steel 1.4404 (e.g. installation by the sea).

Standard stainless-steel slides

We produce standard slides in starting heights from 1 to 2.5 m (always by 50 cm). The width of the slide can be 0.5 or 1 m. Stainless-steel slides are ideal for playground sets or for embankment installation. If you are looking for a standard slide for your project, write to us to request the catalogue.

Standard series stainless-steel slides:

Stainless-steel TS slides

Embankment slides that copy the terrain in which they are installed.

Stainless-steel DPN slides

Slides connected to another play element, e.g. a house, using a flange.

Stainless-steel DPS slides

Slides with the possibility of connection to a landing, platform or other elevated starting point.

Custom stainless-steel slides

Do you have your own idea or an already developed design of what a slide should look like for your project? Do you need a specific length and width, multiple tracks, a half-round slide, or do you have another special requirement? We will make a slide tailored to your requirements and we will have it certified. Just contact us and we will align the place and create a 3D model for you.
A specific category are evacuation slides which can serve as an additional escape route or an original alternative to an outdoor staircase. They are especially popular in kindergartens and other buildings where they can be also used as attractions.

Water slides and attractions

We will be happy to make a stainless-steel slide for you, which will perfectly complement any private or public pool or outdoor swimming pool. We make these slides from 1.4404 steel and supply them including steps.

We also produce stainless-steel water toys for city water parks and children’s centres. Our offer includes water wheels, Archimedean spirals, overflow elements, or small parts for waterways, streams and playgrounds. For a better idea, download our catalogue.

Ordering procedure:

  • Just have an idea and a place to implement it.
  • Send us simple information about the place and your idea.
  • We will align the construction site, check and suggest possible solutions.
  • We will create a 3D model.
  • After approval, we will start the production.
  • In the case of individual projects, we will also install our products and have them certified.