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In addition to slides, tunnel slides and fire rated hatches, we can also make other types of structures for you, especially from aluminium. For this reason, we have a large number of less common technologies that our customers can make use of. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your request.

Manhole covers

Do you need to cover a well, shaft or tank? We will produce a manhole cover in a variant with a frame and a lid or supplemented by security bars or a rain seal. We make covers from stainless steel, aluminium or galvanized steel or a combination of materials from 0.6 x 0.6 m to 0.9 x 0.9 m. A variant popular among our customers is an aluminium lid with stainless-steel bars.

Thanks to our technologies, we are able to meet almost any of your requirements. For example, does your fire department need a hose holder, or do you need to make a company logo (banner)? No problem, just contact us.


Are you working on a project and you don’t have the necessary machines or technology to complete it? We offer the use of our equipment. Thanks to the fact that our main activity is the production of stainless steel and aluminium, we own a wide range of machines that we provide for your orders. Contact us and we will let you know the specific implementation conditions.

Waterjet cutting

We offer material cutting with a so-called cold cut using a water jet. This technology is highly accurate thanks to the use of a CNC-controlled table, does not cause cracks in the material and minimizes the cut and thus waste. The technology is suitable for cutting steel, metals, glass, plywood or marble. 

We can handle material with a maximum size of 6000 x 2500 mm with a thickness of up to 100 mm. High-pressure pumps develop an operating water jet pressure of up to 4200 Bar.

Laser cutting

Another technology that we are able to use to separate material is the laser beam. Compared to a water jet, laser cutting is faster and much more flexible. The technology is suitable for cutting all metal materials. Our laser has a power of 2kW, which is sufficient for a material with a maximum thickness of 5 mm. The size of the workbench is 3000 x 1500 mm.

Sheet metal roll bending

We accept orders for roll bending sheet metal into circles, arcs or spirals and the production of steel rings. We can shape and bend sheet metal into the required shapes. We will prepare a roll-bent sheet metal for you, or we will make the final welds of the rings.

Sheet metal cutting

Are you looking for a company that can cut sheet metal up to a maximum length of 3 m? We can do it here. We can handle sheet metal up to 4 mm thick, in the case of stainless steel up to 2.5 mm.

Measurement of material content by gamma-ray spectrometer

Do you need to obtain a chemical analysis or analysis of metal parts? Are you looking for equipment for checking the chemical composition of materials, quality marking or determining the content of individual elements? We offer the use of our gamma-ray spectrometer. You will receive the results of the metal analysis from us by email.

TIG and MIG metal welding

There are several certified welders for aluminium structures among our employees, whose services are available to you. We know the method of semi-automatic welding in a protective atmosphere of inert gas (MIG). We also offer welding with a tungsten electrode in a protective atmosphere of inert gas (TIG), which guarantees excellent control over the weld pool. It is suitable for complex structures, especially pipes made of aluminium and stainless steel, wheel and motorcycle frames, repairs of car parts, railings, ladders and welding very thin materials.

Micro-impact marking

Micro-impact marking for metal parts with dimensions of 120 x 40 mm. Durable and clearly visible markings can also be used before surface treatment or painting of the material. With this system, it is possible to mark extremely hard, uneven and irregular, flat or curved products which, thanks to the possibility of precise adjustment, are not deformed or excessively stressed.