Mobile Scaffolding

  • Manufacturing of mobile scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding hire

Mobile aluminium scaffolding is available in two base ranges and eight size types.
Scaffolding is a kit that allows the user to build the platform to his needs and if necessary extend the basic kit as necessary.

Mobile scaffolding kit is determined by the floor size and by height at which to place the floor. Mobile scaffolding series 2xx and 3xx has floor platforms with lengths 2m and 3m and width 0.9 m - 1.2 m. It is adjustable from 1m to 16 metre height.
Mobile scaffolding FLIS has a floor 0.67 m or 1.34m wide and 2.55 m long. Floor height can be adjusted in 0.5 m steps from 1m to 12 metres.

Alfeko s.r.o. provides mobile scaffolding hire services for scaffolding kits 2xx and 3xx, especially in the local area. We have eight sets of mobile scaffolding for hire.

We also manufacture custom-designed mobile aluminium scaffoldings using our kit elements. Modification of scaffolding is based on customer’s requirements, ranging from simple kits to large platforms with floors up to 5 x 6 metres.

  • Mobile aluminium kits
  • Special aluminium scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding rentals

Benefits of using Alfeko’s aluminium scaffolding:

  • Reliable and proven solution based on years of practice and experience
  • Safe operation and maintenance
  • Easy installation
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